I was replacing a light bulb, when the bulb blew off the metal top,which is stuck in the socket. Now what?

Answer Cut off the power and use needle-nose plyers.Spray the new bulb's metal part with wd-40 for easy removal next time.

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Light bulb help! anybody know a light bulb that does not give off a yellow aura ?

Yes I have that type of bulb in my room. It's called natural something, and it gives off a more blue-ish hue to the room, as if you had a window open.I forget what they're called but they are more ... Read More »

Who made the first electric light bulb?

Humphry Davy invented the first electric light in 1800, according to Enchanted Learning. His bulb used a battery to heat carbon to make it glow. However, it was not until 1879 that Thomas Edison cr... Read More »

When did you last change a light bulb?

hahahaha.. this was funny...i had to change two hallogen ones (£7 for two)... one in each light fitting in the bathrooms...well... had someone looking at my house which is for sale... they turned ... Read More »

How old was Thomas Edison when he invented the light bulb?

Thomas Alva Edison, an American scientist and inventor, began working to design an electric light bulb in the 1870s. The first successful test took place on October 22, 1879--32 years, 8 months and... Read More »