When was the lcd projector invented?

Answer The concept of the LCD projector was invented by Gene Dolgoff, a New York inventor and college student, in 1968. It took him until 1984 to create the first LCD projector, using liquid crystals to m... Read More »

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Who invented the movie projector?

Although Thomas Edison is often credited as the inventor of the movie projector, the credit should go to the Lumiere brothers, who showed their first moving pictures in 1895. Unfortunately, Louis L... Read More »

Who invented the first overhead projector?

Roger Appledorn invented the overhead projector in the 1960s. Appledorn was working at 3M at the time of his invention. He and his colleagues demonstrated the machine to school administrators, and ... Read More »

Who invented the projector in 1893?

In 1893 Thomas Edison patented the Kinetoscope projector that he invented in 1891. His projector could be used by one person at a time and it was a peep-show device in which a roll of film was move... Read More »

Who Invented the Projector in 1895?

Thomas Armat and C. Francis Jenkins invented a projector that they called the "Phantoscope" in 1895. They sold the device to Thomas Edison, who marketed it as the "Vitascope." To this day, Edison i... Read More »