When was the last time you went to the pub and got wasted?

Answer Hi 'rew! Last time i got wasted at the pub was my annual St patricks Day outing - which means that next week-end is going to be the next time l get wasted. l really lead an exciting life....

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Has anyone here wasted time and money on College?

A college diploma does not guarantee you a job. The conventional wisdom is that, if you don't have a college degree, you won't do well in life. They are selling you a bill of goods! They are using ... Read More »

Any stupid movies you wasted your time on?

WantedThe plot was stupid. The "curving the bullet" scenes were just flat out dumb. Not to mention there were some parts of the story that just seemed unbelievable to happen in the storyline.

Do you think age 14 is a bad age to get wasted?

Why not? My grandparents were giving me beer in my bottle when I was a baby. Of course now Im an alcoholic. I drink at least a 6 pack a night. My heart is messed up. Sometimes I feel like im goin... Read More »

I've wasted my life, what should I do ?

If that's you really feel, you need to see a counselor not Yahoo answers.