When was the last time you told your mother you loved her?

Answer Just a second ago. BTW, I told her that you loved her too, since she is sitting right next to me and she said that she loved you too. You're so sweet.*hugs* ~:)

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When is the last season of how i met your mother?

No one quite knows when the show will finish, only the producers. As long as the show keeps its success, it will keep running. For example, if they decided to end it in season 1, they would make Vi... Read More »

When's the last time someone told you "Get off my lawn" OR?

I think it was way back in the 1980's when someone told me that(can't really remember that far back,lol).A few days ago,my roommate told a couple of kids to get off his lawn!But then again,You and ... Read More »

Well...My mother has cancer, i know many loved ones of yours do too...but please pray for me and my mother...?

When was the last time you stumped your toe and hurt your feelings?

last night coming back from the loo in the middle of the night