When was the last time you told your mother you loved her?

Answer Just a second ago. BTW, I told her that you loved her too, since she is sitting right next to me and she said that she loved you too. You're so sweet.*hugs* ~:)

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Well...My mother has cancer, i know many loved ones of yours do too...but please pray for me and my mother...?

What if your intelligence analyst told you he is observing a unit that travels to its refueling point the same time and way everyday and he believe you can destroy them with one air strike this time?

If your mother was abused as a child is it possible for the effects of that to subconsciously effect her son even if he has never been told?

Answer Skeletons fall out of closets in every family so even when younger you could have heard a conversation about your mother being abused as a child. We think of things differently as children... Read More »

How can you find your birth mother if you are 43 years old and all you have is her maiden name and you were told she lives in Virginia?

Answer Once you are 18 you have legal rights to all paper that include your name. First start by the town and count you were born in, after you established that you should be able to find out your... Read More »