When was the last time you sent an email to the person sitting beside you?

Answer Last year i worked for a company where nobody spoke, they all just emailed each other. Either they were very unsociable or there was such a blame culture that they felt the need to protect themsel... Read More »

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Can you get IP address of a person who has sent you email ?

1. Google's (Gmail) service omits the sender IP address information from all headers. Instead, only the IP address of Gmail's mail server is shown in Received: from. This means it is impossible to ... Read More »

When was the last time that your brand of coffee sent you a check for drinking or recommending their coffee?

Uh, never. It's not a common practice where I live.

How to Find Out What Time an Email Was Sent in Outlook Express?

Microsoft Outlook Express doesn't display the sent date or time in the email list, but that information is available through the properties window. However, if you find yourself checking the sent t... Read More »

How to Survive Sitting Beside People You Hate in School?

Oh no! The teacher has rearranged the seating arrangements in the classroom and you're sitting beside a troublemaker, a weirdo, or just somebody you just don't like! How will you survive that seati... Read More »