When was the last time you sent an email to the person sitting beside you?

Answer Last year i worked for a company where nobody spoke, they all just emailed each other. Either they were very unsociable or there was such a blame culture that they felt the need to protect themsel... Read More »

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Name something a person sitting next to you on a plane might do to make you think they're afraid of flying?

for family feud: sweating, grip armrest, shaking, close their eyes, throw up

Imagine your sitting at your desk at work, and the person opposite you is a vegetarian....?

i'm a vegetarian, but i think people have the right to eat what they want. if someone were complaining about the smell of my lunch (garlicky, you know, some sort of offensive smell) i would proba... Read More »

How to Email a Person Who Never Gave You His or Her Email Address?

Sometimes you find someone's email address in the darndest way: in a group forward, glancing over their shoulder at the computer, on a website, etc. Here are some steps to start up a conversation w... Read More »

Is sitting for a long time bad for you?

Yes. Especially if they turn the lights out whilst doing it.