When was the last time you cleaned your "mouse"?

Answer optical no cleaning needed.anyways,1 remove the ball2 clean the ball remove any dust3 clean the the mouse where the ball should be the three "pipe -like" thing should be smooth with no "w... Read More »

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My mouse constantly freezes,even though I have taken it apart and cleaned it.Any ideas why?

try disconnecting you usb plug a few times. this sometimes gets a bit of condensation.

The ball in my mouse keeps falling out every time I pick up the mouse.?

How do I get rid of smell in bathroom. Cleaned floor & toilet even removed & cleaned under it & replaced seal?

You might need to seek professional help. You may need them to take up and replace the whole entire toilet. You may have a leak underneath the toilet, water and waste maybe sitting. Have you change... Read More »

Is it time to change my computer mouse?

Have you tried cleaning it? If it has a ball you can remove it (the ball) and clean off the dust. Sometimes this helps.