When was the last time u brushed ur teeth, try to be 100% honest please, 100% honest?

Answer i am being 100% honest when I say it was this morning. I always always brush twice a day.I could never do anything else!

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Be many of you DON'T brush your teeth before going to bed?

Mommies, be honest. When was the last time you shaved your legs?

I'm LOVIN' this question!!! It has been wayyyyy too long here! I'm one that needs to shave every other day, it grows fast. Let's just say they aren't prickly anymore, almost soft. It is suppose... Read More »

Whats the longest time you've ever brushed your teeth for?

clean healthy mouths don't bleed but you can cause tooth brush abrasion with excessive brushing

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I strongly dislike Katy Perry.BUT, I heard that her lyrics are inspired by real life events, and according the them, I've experienced everything she did!