When was the last silver quarter minted?

Answer The last silver quarter for general circulation was minted in 1964, in anticipation of the Mint Act of 1965, which called for a cupro-nickel composition. However, the U.S. Mint continues to produce... Read More »

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How many silver dollars were minted?

Six silver coin series were minted from 1878 to the present, including the Morgan, Peace, Ike Eisenhower, Silver Eagle, Susan B. Anthony and the USMC 230th Anniversary. The Morgan silver dollars, m... Read More »

When was the last Eisenhower silver dollar minted?

Eisenhower silver dollars were introduced in 1971, commemorating both President Eisenhower and the landing of the first man on the moon. Most of the Eisenhower silver dollars weren't actually silve... Read More »

What was the last year silver coins were minted?

Silver dimes and quarters were last minted in the United States in 1964. Half dollars had the silver content cut from 90 percent to 21 percent in the same year. After 1971, all the silver was remov... Read More »

What is a silver dollar worth that is minted in 1896?

Coin valuations are based on condition and scarcity. Silver dollars minted in Philadelphia in 1896 range in value from $18 for well-worn coins to $13,000 for pristine specimens. Coins minted that y... Read More »