When was the last Summer Olympics in Australia?

Answer Australia has hosted the Summer Olympics twice, most recently in 2000, when Sydney served as the host city. The games opened on Sept. 15 and closed on Oct. 1. The previous Summer Olympics in Austra... Read More »

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When did the Summer Olympics start having a different year than the Winter Olympics?

The first year in which the Summer Olympics were held in a year that did not also have a winter games was 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia. The International Olympic Committee voted in 1986 to hold the sum... Read More »

How long do summer olympics last?

Modern summer Olympic games last 16 days. This includes both the opening and closing ceremonies. The Beijing summer Olympics lasted 16 days, between August 8, 2008, and August 24, 2008. The London ... Read More »

How often do the Summer Olympics last?

The Summer Olympics last just over two weeks and take place every four years. As of June 2010, the last Summer Olympics were held in 2008 in Beijing, China. The first modern Olympics were held in 1... Read More »

How long does the Summer Olympics last?

According to the Olympic Charter, the Olympic Games are limited to 16 days. The last four Summer Games held in Beijing, Athens, Sydney and Atlanta each lasted the maximum of 16 days set forth in a ... Read More »