When was the hydrogen car invented?

Answer Sir William Robert Grove, a Welsh scientist, invented the first hydrogen fuel cell in 1839, according to the Ohio State University College of Engineering, but it took until 1966, for GM to produce ... Read More »

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Who invented the hydrogen car?

The first hydrogen car in the world was invented by Francois Isaac de Rivaz from Switzerland during the year of 1807.Source:History of Hydrogen Cars

Who invented hydrogen cyanide?

Hydrogen cyanide is a derivative of Prussian blue, and it was first isolated in pure form by the Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele in about 1738. It was eventually given the name Blausäure, whi... Read More »

Who invented the hydrogen bomb?

Edward Teller, in collaboration with Stanislaw Ulam, designed the first workable hydrogen bomb. Although he did not lead the project that produced the bomb, Teller remained a lifelong proponent of ... Read More »

Who invented the first hydrogen fuel cell?

Sir William Grove invented the first hydrogen fuel cell in 1839. He combined hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity and water, creating the first "gas voltaic battery," otherwise known as the s... Read More »