When was the harlem renaissance?

Answer The Harlem Renaissance started in the 1920s, a time in U.S. history known as the Jazz Age. It continued into the mid-1930s. This cultural movement started in Harlem, New York, a community that was ... Read More »

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When did the harlem renaissance end?

The Harlem Renaissance, an explosion of Negro art, music, writing and culture, ended around 1935. The movement, centered in New York City's Harlem neighborhood, spawned such artists as Langston Hug... Read More »

When did the Harlem Renaissance occur?

The Harlem Renaissance was an outpouring of creativity from African-American artists and writers. It has no official beginning. However, Biography cites the creation of the National Urban League in... Read More »

When did the Harlem Renaissance begin?

The Harlem Renaissance started after World War I in Harlem, New York. Rather than one specific event marking the beginning, a series of artistic and cultural events in Harlem occurred around the sa... Read More »

When did the harlem renaissance start&end?

John Carroll University describes the Harlem Renaissance as "a literary, artistic, cultural, intellectual movement that began in Harlem, New York after World War I and ended around 1935 during the ... Read More »