When was the globe first built?

Answer Crates of Mallus, a Greek, was thought to create the first globe of Earth in 140 B.C. It is unknown exactly what this globe contained, since the Greeks' knowledge of the world was limited.Source:Ea... Read More »

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When was the first electric light globe invented?

Although experiments were already under way to produce electric light in the beginning of the 19th century, the official globed light bulb wasn't invented until 1860 when Sir Joseph Wilson Swan, an... Read More »

When was the first IBM PC built?

The first IBM PC, also known as the 5150, was released in August of 1981. The development of the 5150 personal computer began one year prior in IBM's Boca Raton, Florida, location.References:IBM A... Read More »

When was the first jet plane built?

The first jet plane was built in 1939. The Heinkel He 178 took its first flight that same year on Aug. 27. It was the product of German plane builder Ernst Heinkel and German physicist Hans von Oha... Read More »

When was the first chevy built?

Chevrolet built its first model, the Chevrolet Series C Classic Six, in 1911. People who worked on the car included entrepreneur William C. Durant, race car driver Louis Chevrolet and designer Etie... Read More »