When was the floppy disc invented?

Answer The floppy disk was invented in 1971 by Alan Shugart and his design group at IBM. The first floppy disk was 8 inches in diameter and could only store 100KB of information. A floppy disk of this typ... Read More »

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Which company invented the floppy disc?

IBM invented the 8-inch floppy diskette. This disk was soon replaced by the 5.25-inch diskette in 1978 and the 3.5-inch disk in 1981. The greatest advantage of using the disk was its portability, a... Read More »

What year was the floppy disc invented?

The floppy disk, originally called the "memory disk," was invented by IBM engineers in 1971, according to the ThinkQuest website. The floppy disk was primarily used as a simple way to transfer data... Read More »

What is best to store data 1)floppy disc 2)cd 3)pen drive 4)hard disc 5) any thing else?

I would have said CD 5 years ago but DVD would have to be my choice today.CD- 700 MBDVD-8gb+Soon may be Blue Ray. 25GB+

Why is a Floppy Disc not?

Going back, IBM made the first flexible disk subsystem, with 8 inch disks enclosed in a sleeve and they worked in the same manner as a hard disk, single sided and hard sectored. I think the first o... Read More »