I know this is a stupid question, but.. when you turn on a flashlight... help me please!!?

Answer it depends on the type. the slide type use a sliding strip of copper to connect and complete the circuit. the push buttons use a button that stays on till it is released by a second push on the b... Read More »

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Who invented the bullet train and when was it invented?

Japan's "Bullet Train" was developed by Dr. Hideo Shima (1901 - 1998). Dr. Shima began investigations in 1948 and in 1958 it was decided to go ahead with a new line which followed the Tokaido road... Read More »

When was the first earbuds invented and who invented it?

I know this sounds weird but where the speaker is suck on it and try using it again

How to Play Flashlight?

This is a variant of the childhood game fourty-fourty. Similar to flashlight tag except the hiders have to make it "home"

How to Play Flashlight Tag?

Playing tag has always been about outrunning whoever is "It." But now, you can add a fun twist, making the game more about stealth and tact, by using flashlights to transform the game. Here are two... Read More »