When was the five-day workweek introduced?

Answer Henry Ford is credited with inventing the five-day workweek on September 25, 1926. At the same time Ford also introduced the eight-hour workday. Ford believed the five-day work week would help to s... Read More »

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When was the five-day work week introduced?

The five-day work week gained popularity in the late 1920s and early 1930s. In 1930, the Woman's Trade Union League proposed legislation supporting a five-day work week. In 1932, President Franklin... Read More »

When was BBC 2 introduced?

The BBC gave him a lifetime achievement award in 2006, which suggests he was 65 and they were expecting him to retire. That would make him 70ish now and that in my opinion, would be about right jud... Read More »

When was QuickBooks introduced?

QuickBooks was first introduced by Intuit in 1998. This software was inspired by Quicken, another variety of personal accounting software. QuickBooks was problematic early on, but many issues were ... Read More »

When was the Patriot act introduced?