When was the first weather map invented?

Answer Francis Galton, a Victorian meteorologist, invented the first weather map on April 1, 1875. The map was published in "The London Times" and mapped out the weather from March 31, 1875. Galton also w... Read More »

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Who invented the weather radar?

The original principal of the weather radar was discovered by Christian Doppler in 1842, though the technology did not yet exist. Several scientists contributed to the development of radar, but Rob... Read More »

Who invented the weather vane?

According to the American Institute of Architects, the earliest weather vane was affixed to the Tower of Winds in Athens. For this reason, Jean Burks, the senior curator at Shelburne Museum, believ... Read More »

Who was the weather balloon invented by?

The first balloon used for the purpose of making weather observations was launched by Jean-François de Rozier and the Marquis d'Aalandes in 1783. Leon Teisserenc de Bort pioneered the use of weath... Read More »

When were weather instruments invented?

Weather instruments were invented between the years 1640 and 1750. The barometer, hygrometer and thermometer were the original instruments used for analyzing weather patterns. By the late 1800s, an... Read More »