When was the first water fountain invented?

Answer The ancient Greeks invented the first water fountains thousands of years ago by constructing fountains above water springs they believed had magical powers. They built statues of their gods and god... Read More »

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Why was the soda fountain invented?

In the early 19th century, Americans were eager to drink mineral water because they believed it provided many health benefits. In order to bring mineral water to the masses, the first soda fountain... Read More »

What was invented first : typewriter or fountain pen?

D. Hyde received the patent for the first continuous-flow fountain pen in 1830, while Christopher Latham Sholes received his patent for the typewriter in 1868, making the fountain pen the first of ... Read More »

What was invented first, the fountain pen or the typewriter?

There is considerable doubt as to the true inventor of the typewriter. The first models were invented by European engineers from Austria, France and Italy, between 1760 and 1823. The first crude fo... Read More »

What was invented first: the typewriter or the fountain pen?

The two now-commonplace office staples came about at around the same time, but the typewriter beat the fountain pen by 12 years. The first modern typewriter was patented in 1872 by inventor Christo... Read More »