When was the first u.s. fire station built?

Answer According to, the United State's first fire engine company was established in 1678. Captain Thomas Atkins, alongside twelve men, comprised this first company. In 1736, Benjam... Read More »

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When was the Gould Fire Station built on Gretna Boulevard?

Gould Fire Company No. 2 was built in 1881 on Gretna Boulevard in Gretna, Louisiana, with a $500 gift from Jay Gould. Gould was a local railroad magnate who started his own fire company near the r... Read More »

Who built the solar panels for the international space station?

Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Sunnyvale, California, built the solar panels for the international space station. Under a $450 million contract, the company built four pairs of flexible solar arr... Read More »

How far can you park from a fire station?

It is important to check with your individual state for fire station parking distance rules because they may vary. For example, when parking on the same side of the street as the fire station ent... Read More »

Is there a fire chief at every station?

Large urban fire departments are led by a fire chief. Division or battalion chiefs oversee fire stations or are responsible for specific activities. Usually a fire captain is in charge of an indivi... Read More »