When was the first time that wind was used as an energy source?

Answer Wind power has been around since approximately 3200 B.C., when the Egyptians invented the sail. However, the windmill was the invention that inspired modern wind power turbines, and it was created ... Read More »

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Is wind a renewable energy source?

Yes, wind is a renewable energy source. The power of the wind generates energy, and it is renewable because wind is caused by the sun, which is considered an inexhaustible resource.References:EIA ... Read More »

Why is wind a good energy source?

Wind power is being touted as a solution to climate change, but some skeptics question whether it is a viable energy option.Environmental impactsWind energy does not cause air or water pollution or... Read More »

Are windmills the only source of wind energy?

Yes, windmills or wind machines represent the only source of wind energy. Two types of wind machines exist: horizontal-axis wind machines, which look like traditional windmills, and vertical-axis w... Read More »

What is the initial energy source for ocean currents&wind?

The sun is the ultimate energy source for wind and ocean currents. Differential solar heating of the atmosphere causes pressure differences, causing air to flow from areas of high to low pressure a... Read More »