When was the first robotic vacuum cleaner made?

Answer The first robotic vacuum cleaner was madde in 2002.

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What company made the first robotic vacuum cleaner?

We put it on the sticker inside of the fridge. I'm not sure for other manufacturers who produce for GE.RegardsKGF

Who invented the first robotic vacuum cleaner?

There are too many variables, such as temperature setting of the refrigerator; age of the banana when mashed; how tight the seal on the container is; has it been cross contaminated by another spoil... Read More »

What features did Eureka's prototype robotic vacuum cleaner have?

With cordless operation, sonar, and an onboard microprocessor to detect and avoid obstacles, the robot vac could operate for one hour before needing to be recharged

What is the name of a well known robotic vacuum cleaner that finds its way around every square inch of floor sucking up the dirt as it goes?