When was the first reported car theft?

Answer The U.K. Car Theft Index written by Gloria Laycock of the Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science at University College London reports car theft statistics as far back as 1934. There is not enough c... Read More »

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When was the world's first car theft reported?

On June 1, 1896, Baron de Zuylen's mechanic stole his Peugeot in Paris while it was in for repairs. Authorities later recovered the car---and apprehended the thief---in the nearby town of Asnieres.... Read More »

What is the difference between credit card theft and identity theft?

In recent years, stricter regulations have been placed on credit card usage, and more people are becoming victims of identity theft. While both place the victim in financial danger, the situations... Read More »

Help! If your ip adress is reported what happens?

Calm down. All that has happened is that the IP address of the proxy was banned from the site. One thing to know, when using proxies like that, you are not the only person using that proxy with the... Read More »

My X reported my phone stolen so I can't use it?

Forget the phone and get on with your life. The price of a new phone is minor compared to what it would have cost you had you remained involved with a petty manipulative creep.Don