When was the first remote control for a VCR made?

Answer I had the first remote control vcr,and I bought in 1981.It had cost around $1200+ dollars that my grandad said that I would be carrying it on my back trying to sell it for food whenever times got t... Read More »

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When was the first remote control made?

Certianly, there's one it's designed to attach to any remote control boat so you can go fishing with the remote control boat. "The RC Fishing Pole"It's at Http://

Who made the remote control thundertank?

You have no remote control for proline dfv12 freeview stb how can you find code number using fairly old black diamond universal remote control?

I already have maestro remote control lights in my house Is there a universal touch screen remote that will control your TV system Lights and Air conditioner?

There are many to choose from ranging in price from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars. You will have greater reliability and a better user interface with the more money you spend. Companie... Read More »