When was the first postcard invented?

Answer In 1869, the postcard was introduced in Austria by Emanuel Hermann, who is generally regarded as the inventor of the postcard. Years earlier, however, in 1861, John Charlton obtained the first copy... Read More »

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How big is a 6 x 9 postcard?

A trimmed 6 x 9 postcard measures 6 inches high and 9 inches wide. An untrimmed 6-by-9 postcard measures 6¼ by 9¼ inches. Since the maximum size of a postcard that qualifies for standard postage ... Read More »

How much are postcard stamps?

As of May 2010, U.S. postcard stamps cost 28 cents apiece and can be used on postcards that measure no more than 6 inches long, 4 1/4 inches high and 0.016 inch thick. Larger postcards cost 44 cent... Read More »

How to Make a Postcard?

Ever got inspired or thought it would be cool to make a post card? Read on.

How do I address a postcard to the USA?

RecipientStart writing the person's first and last name on the parallel lines located directly below the place where you put the stamp. If no lines exist, then write the name about a half an inch d... Read More »