When was the first plow invented?

Answer Although John Deere is typically credited for inventing the first steel plow in 1837, the first known plow was a swing plow (no wheels on the device) developed by Egyptians circa 4000 B.C.Source:St... Read More »

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Who invented the first plow?

In 1837, blacksmith John Deere created the first polished-steel plow able to cut furrows in Midwest prairie soil. In 1838, he started manufacturing plows with his company, John Deere manufacturer.S... Read More »

When was the iron plow invented?

The iron plow was invented around the third century B.C. in China, according to The iron plow was created as a result of improved iron supplies and casting techniques in the count... Read More »

Who invented the seeder plow?

The seeder plow is an very old invention, it was first used in ancient Mesopotamia. The design of the plow included a central chute that dropped seeds into the plowed furrows.Source:The Oriental In... Read More »

Who Invented the Bottom Plow?

John Deere had already been producing plows for two decades when he partnered up with inventor Robert W. Furnas in 1863. Furnas helped Deere produce a plow that people could ride, and in 1864 they ... Read More »