When was the first phone invented?

Answer The idea of transmitting sound electronically was first explained by French scientist Charles Bourseul in 1854. This idea was applied to German scientist Johann Philipp Reis' design for a means to ... Read More »

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When was the first car phone invented?

The first car phone was invented by engineer Lars Ericsson in Sweden in 1910. Ericsson used long wires from his phone to the telephone wires hanging from the poles. Ericsson later would help lead t... Read More »

When was the first cordless phone invented?

The cordless telephone was invented by jazz musician Teri Pall in 1965, but she could not market the device, according to the 2001 book, "Patently Female: From AZT to TV Dinners, Stories of Women I... Read More »

When was the first flip phone invented?

The first flip phone, the StarTAC, was invented in 1996. Designed by Motorola, the clamshell-style StarTAC weighed 3.1 ounces and looked a bit like the communicators used on the television show "St... Read More »

What is the date of when the first cell phone was invented?

The first cell phone was invented and used by Martin Cooper on April 3, 1973. Cooper made the first call on the Motorola DynaTAC over a cellular network in New York City outside of the Manhattan Hi... Read More »