Who invented the first hybrid vehicle?

Answer Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, a young engineer at Jacob Lohner & Company, built the first hybrid vehicle in 1899. The car is known as the Lohner Porsche hybrid. It was built with a in-wheel electric motor... Read More »

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If a hit and run vehicle knocks an insured moving vehicle into your liability-only parked vehicle whose insurance pays for damage to your car?

Answer The "At Fault" party is responsible for your damage, regardless of who ran. The driver who ran from the scene is not necessarily the at fault party. The question is who caused the accident? ... Read More »

Where to get a Used Motorized Treadmill?

Various sources sell high-quality, pre-owned, motorized treadmills designed for walking and running.Play It Again SportsThe retailer Play It Again Sports buys and re-sells used, motorized treadmill... Read More »

What is a motorized wheelchair?

People that cannot walk well on their own often use wheelchairs to get around. Some people propel their wheelchairs themselves, but those who cannot push themselves need motorized wheelchairs. Moto... Read More »

Are can crushers motorized?

Can crushers can be motorized or manually powered. Can crushers for home use are low-cost and generally operated by hand. Can crushers in commercial settings are often motorized to handle high volu... Read More »