Why does the plate inside the microwave oven rotate when the oven is swtiched on?

Answer It's set to rotate so that the food on the plate that you're trying to warm up gets warmed up evenly all over the plate.If you don't have a rotating plate, it will still warm it up, but you may hav... Read More »

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When was the first pizza oven invented in Italy?

The pizza, or prefabricated, oven was first made in Italy around 1900 in response to a need for an efficient and inexpensive oven. In fact, Italy still has craftsmen who focus solely on creating an... Read More »

Who made the first microwave oven?

The microwave oven is the product of an accidental discovery made in 1946 by Dr. Percy Spencer, an engineer at the Raytheon Corporation. While testing a new vacuum tube called a magnetron, he notic... Read More »

What happens to soy milk when you heat it in a microwave oven?

Soy milk can be heated in the microwave. However, heating soy milk too fast increases the chance for it to curdle. A better alternative may be to heat soy milk in a sauce pan while stirring the pot... Read More »

When was the microwave cooker invented?

The microwave cooker was invented in 1946. Its inventor, Percy LeBaron Spencer, was testing a magnetron when he discovered an interesting side effect: nearby food cooked or melted. His company work... Read More »