When was the first life insurance policy written?

Answer Life insurance dates back to ancient Rome, in which "burial clubs" would pay for burial services if a person bought a membership in the club. In recent times however, modern life insurance started ... Read More »

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What is the first line in a life insurance policy called?

The first line in a life insurance policy is called the declaration. The declaration identifies who is insured, the insured's address, who is covered, the insuring company, risks or property covere... Read More »

How much does the policy increase for Petplan insurance after the first year for life coverage of a new kitten?

I'm not sure how much your kitten policy would increase, but my 2 policies for my dogs just went up 20.63% in the second year!! Obviously, I'm going to have to look for new insurance. I feel scammed.

Who owns the life insurance policy when someone dies?

When you buy life insurance, you must select a beneficiary for the policy. The beneficiary is the person whom the insurance company pays when you die. It is common to choose your spouse as the prim... Read More »

Are contractor's liability insurance policies only written if the policy holder also gets workmans' comp insurance?

Contractor Liability InsuranceNo, You can purchase Contractors Liability Insurance as a standalone coverage.Many companies offer Contractors Liability coverage with or without your workman's compen... Read More »