When was the first lie detector invented?

Answer The polygraph, was invented in 1921 by John A. Larson. Larson was also the person who named the machine a "polygraph." This, the first lie detector machine, measured both respiration and blood pres... Read More »

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Who invented the first smoke detector?

The first home smoke detectors were made by Stanley Peterson and Duane Pearsall in 1965. The units used batteries, making it easy for homeowners to install and replace them. Peterson and Pearsall's... Read More »

When was the smoke detector invented?

Francis Upton invented the first smoke detector in 1890. Walter Jaeger accidentally invented another smoke detector in 1930 while he was trying to make a poisonous gas sensor. Duane Pearsall and St... Read More »

Who invented the radiation detector?

It was Johannes Wilhelm Geiger, a German physicist, who in 1908, while working with Ernest Rutherford, invented the device that detects ionizing radiation. We know it today as the Geiger counter. A... Read More »

Who invented the lie detector test?

The first lie detector was invented by James Mackenzie of Perthshire, Scotland. It was while working as a medical practitioner in England that he developed his expertise in cardiology. With what he... Read More »