When was the first large-scale computer built?

Answer The first large-scale computer was built in 1966 by the University of Illinois, which was contracted with the Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The computer was called the ... Read More »

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How large was the first computer ever built?

Unveiled to much fanfare in 1946, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer was the first electronic computer ever built. The ENIAC was the size of two semi-trucks and weighed more than 30 t... Read More »

What is a large scale map?

By necessity, features on a map appear smaller than in real life. Even with a bit of simplification, large scale maps show real-life features in some detail. That is, the features appear relatively... Read More »

How large is a 1/25 scale truck?

The size of a 1/25th truck depends on the size of the truck in real life, which would be 25 times larger than the model. If you know the size of the real truck, convert the overall length to inche... Read More »

How to Compost on a Large Scale?

Composting is the biological process of promoting organic matter to decompose. Finished compost is a useful amendment that adds returns nutrients to the soil. Most people are familiar with composti... Read More »