When was the first laptop made?

Answer The Epson HX-20 is widely considered to be the first laptop ever made. It was introduced in November 1981 and released for sale in 1982. It began to sell more widely in 1983.More Information:Comput... Read More »

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Who made the first laptop?

The first laptop was developed in April 1976 by Xerox PARC. The company called the laptop the Xerox NoteTaker. The design came from Alan Key, Adele Goldberg, Douglas Fairbairn and Larry Tesler.Refe... Read More »

When was the first laptop computer made?

The Osbourne 1, considered the world's first portable computer, was released in 1981. The computer has a 5-inch screen, weighs 24.5 pounds and cost $1,795 in 1981, according to the Obsolete Technol... Read More »

Is the IBM T30 laptop made of titanium?

The IBM ThinkPad T30 contains titanium composite in the lid and underside for increased tensile strength. The notebook has a 14.1-inch screen and weighs approximately 5.5 pounds. Several other Thin... Read More »

Who made the first laptop cooling pad?

The first laptop cooling pad was invented by Rakesh Bhatia of San Jose, California, for Intel Corporation. The invention was called the "Airflow heat exchanger for a portable electronic device and... Read More »