When was the first king cake made?

Answer The traditional Mardi Gras king cake is believed to have its roots in 12th century France. The cake was originally made to celebrate the Feast of Epiphany, also called Twelfth Night or King's Day, ... Read More »

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I made a 2 layer 9 inch round cake that was like a Poke through Jello type cake and had a hard time removing..?

either get a stiffish round paint brush about an inch across, used for stippling, and use that for greasing your pans with either butter or shortening, then dust them with flour if white or yellow ... Read More »

What is the most expensive cake the cake boss made?

The most expensive cake that Buddy and the crew made was a cake for a socialite and she "needed" to have the most expensive cake ever made so she took all of her jewelry and put it on a cake. The c... Read More »

What happens with the baby in a king cake?

The king cake is a New Orleans tradition associated with Mardi Gras season. It's a large ring of sweet cinnamon-spiced dough decorated in yellow, purple and green. Baked somewhere inside is a small... Read More »

Who invented the King Cake?

The King Cake was invented by pagans in Western Europe as a ritual of sacrifice. The King Cake's purpose was finding a man who would be king for a year and then sacrificed to ensure a good harvest.... Read More »