When was the first hyperbaric chamber made or used?

Answer A British clergyman and physician named Henshaw who believed that compressed air offered therapeutic health benefits to people suffering from chronic ailments and health problems constructed the fi... Read More »

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What is the purpose of a hyperbaric chamber?

The purpose of a hyperbaric champer (sometimes called a compression chamber) is to perform hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO). While in a hyperbaric chamber, one breathes 100-percent pure oxygen. Many... Read More »

Job Description for a Hyperbaric Tech?

Hyperbaric techs work at hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) facilities and implement the prescriptions of the hyperbaric physician. Working under the direction of a program manager or clinical coor... Read More »

Hyperbaric Technician Schools?

Although once strictly associated with deep-sea diving, hyperbaric chambers have found their place in hospitals because of the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in applications other than divin... Read More »

A Hyperbaric Technologist's Salary?

Some medical facilities provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy---a hyperbaric chamber that increases the oxygen in the blood---for patients with a variety of diseases, illnesses and injuries. A hyperbar... Read More »