When was the first highway made?

Answer The first transcontinental highway built was the Lincoln Highway in the United States. It was conceived in 1913 and designed specifically with the car in mind, which was recently introduced into so... Read More »

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What Are Highway Fuses Made of?

Highway fuses, also known as road flares, are useful, inexpensive safety equipment utilized to alert others to accidents or breakdowns along the highway. They burn in pouring rain or snow and can b... Read More »

In Nevada there is a state highway popuarly known as the Extraterrestrial Highway.?

Google Rachel NVIt's SR 375It's name comes from the popular idea that the government is hiding ETs and their spacecraft on their maximum security USAF base formally called Groom Lake But colloqui... Read More »

What does hov mean on the highway?

HOV stands for "High-Occupancy Vehicle." This term is most commonly used when referring to HOV lanes on roads. These special lanes are reserved for vehicles with multiple passengers, most commonly ... Read More »

Why Does My Car Vibrate on the Highway?

Determining the cause of vibration in a moving vehicle can be a frustrating endeavor. Because there are so many moving parts in a vehicle, tracking down the source of the vibration can prove diffic... Read More »