When was the first flip phone invented?

Answer The first flip phone, the StarTAC, was invented in 1996. Designed by Motorola, the clamshell-style StarTAC weighed 3.1 ounces and looked a bit like the communicators used on the television show "St... Read More »

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What year was the flip phone invented?

According to "PC World," the first mobile flip phone was invented in 1996 by Motorola. The StarTac looked like a device used on a science fiction television show. It weighted 3.1 oz.Source:PC World... Read More »

Who invented the laser flip?

A laser flip is a skateboard trick that was created and made popular in the 1990s by Rodney Mullen. Because of the complex nature of the trick, it is not seen very ... Read More »

Who invented Flip Video?

Pure Digital Technologies invented the Flip Video brand line of camcorders in 2006. It was originally marketed under the name Pure Digital Point and Shoot. The company remarketed the camcorder unde... Read More »

When were flip-flops invented?

The flip-flop or thong shoe is thought to have been invented by the Egyptians. This thong shoe differed from the flip-flop of today in that the thong strap went between the middle toe and either to... Read More »