When was the first flat screen monitor built?

Answer In 1964, University of Illinois professors Dr. Donald Bitzer and Gene Slottow and graduate student Robert Willson developed the first plasma display. Their invention was the precursor to today's fl... Read More »

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What can I use to clean a flat screen television & flat screen computer monitor?

microfiber cloth....get it moist and wipe the screen.

Glossy Screen Monitor Vs. Flat Screen Monitor?

When it comes to choosing a glossy or matte LCD monitor, the only real issue is preference. Choosing a finish for your monitor should depend on how you use your computer and the lighting in your co... Read More »

Do flat screen TVs have built in computers?

What's the best flat screen monitor?

If it's CRT Flat Screen... "Samsung SyncMaster " Flat Screen 19"If yu want a Cheaper Brand but same Spec with the Branded ones... "ViewSonic " Flat 19"If it's LCD.... "Samsung SyncMaster 940 BW " 1... Read More »