When was the first flat-screen TV made?

Answer The first rudimentary flat-screen television was presented in 1964 by two University of Illinois Professors, Donald Bitzer and Gene Slottow. Later that same decade Larry Weber worked with the inven... Read More »

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What flat screen TVs are made in the US?

What was the first plasma flat screen TV made?

Who made the first flat-screen computer?

Dennis Gabor made a flat-screen television (monitor) as a prototype in 1964. He specialized in holograms and used liquid crystals in test phases long before the advent of today's advanced LCD flat-... Read More »

When were flat screen monitors made?

The first hybrid electroluminescent flat-panel display screen, or more commonly known as a flat screen, was invented by Dr. Xingwei Wu of Canada. His first flat screens, produced in 1996, were 8.5 ... Read More »