When was the first end user computer invented?

Answer The first computer usable by any person without special training is the IBM 610. It was invented by John Lentz between 1948 and 1954. IBM intended for the PC to be used by one person in an office w... Read More »

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When was the first laptop computer invented?

The invention of the first laptop computer was in 1981 by Adam Osborne. This laptop was very expensive and came with multiple programs. The laptop had a small screen and Osborne Computers produced ... Read More »

When was the first programmable computer invented?

The first fully programmable computer, the Z3, was invented in 1941 by German civil engineer Konrad Zuse. The Z3 was based on a binary number and switching system. It functioned as a mathematical ... Read More »

When was the first micro-computer invented?

According to Stanley Mazor, senior member of the IEEE, the first microcomputer was advertised in November 1971. The advertisement announced Intel's new MCS-4, which had been made possible by recen... Read More »

When was the first modern computer invented?

The first modern computer was built by University of Pennsylvania engineers and scientists in 1944. It was known as the Electronic Numerator, Integrator, Analyzer and Computer or ENIAC. The ENIAC w... Read More »