When was the first electric typewriter produced?

Answer James Fields Smathers, of Kansas, invented the first practical electric typewriter in 1914. After World War I, early models featured an ungainly external line shaft. An internal motor was developed... Read More »

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Who produced the first typewriter?

E. Remington and Sons in Ilion, New York, produced the first typewriter, called the Glidden and Sholes Type Writer, in 1874 and sold through 1878. E. Remington and Sons were also gun makers.Referen... Read More »

When was the first electric typewriter manufactured?

While the first patent for an electric typewriter was taken out by Thomas Alva Edison in 1872, working models were not introduced until half a century later. The first commercial electric typewrite... Read More »

Sears electric typewriter?

Do you have a manual? It's probably in memory mode. I bet there's an 800 number for operational info. They don't build the thing. It's manufactured for them.

Who invented the electric typewriter?

Thomas Alva Edison invented the electric typewriter in 1872, but the first commercial model wasn't introduced until the 1920s. Electric typewriters only became popular after the 1930s introduction ... Read More »