When was the first corn planter invented?

Answer An African American named Henry Blair invented a machine called the corn-planter in 1836. It is described as a very simple and ingenious machine, which, as moved by a horse, opens the furrow, drop... Read More »

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Who invented the corn planter?

In 1848 George W. Brown came up with the concept of converting a cultivator into a planter for corn. By 1852, after some experimentation, Brown had a working machine which he successfully tested. H... Read More »

How do I Plant Wheat With a Corn Planter?

In 2006, of the 614 million tons of wheat produced globally, 57 million tons were grown in the U.S. According to the U.K. Institute of Food Research, wheat was probably developed around 10,000 B.C.... Read More »

Who invented corn cakes?

It is believed that the pilgrims learned how to make corn cakes from the Pawtuxet Indians. The wheat they brought spoiled during their journey to America, so the Indians taught them how to grind co... Read More »

Who invented vector transformation 3 seed corn?

The patent for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of monocots (vector transformation of monocot plants including corn) was granted on March 14, 2000 to the Rhone-Poulenc Agrochimie Company based... Read More »