When was the first cord blood transplant?

Answer Cord blood transplants utilize the stem cells within an infant umbilical cord. The first such transplant was performed in 1988, when blood cells from a newborn were used to successfully treat a six... Read More »

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What type of blood is suitable for a blood transplant?

Blood transfusions are a safe, common way to replace blood after accidents, injury or even surgery. The transfusion occurs when a donor's blood is added to the recipient's blood. Transfusions are a... Read More »

What is cord blood used for?

Cord blood cells can be used to restore a variety of blood problems caused by many types of cancer and blood disorders.Types of LeukemiaStem cells from cord blood are used to treat acute forms of l... Read More »

What is cord blood banking?

Cord blood banking is the collection and preservation of a newborn baby's umbilical cord blood. Saving these stem cells may give the child and her family members access to better medical treatment ... Read More »

Should you keep your baby's cord blood?

Yes. Consider it as a health investment if you store your baby's cord blood in a family bank. If a family member is sick, the cord blood can be used to cure him or her. Successful stories about cor... Read More »