When was the first copy machine made?

Answer The first copy machine was made by James Watt in 1780. The process was improved upon over the next 100 years culminating in Thomas Edison's copy machine in 1876. More recent technology dates to the... Read More »

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Does it wreck a copy machine if you copy money on it?

A copier does not break when used to copy money. Copiers are designed to transfer the image from one piece of paper to another. However, copying money is generally illegal. Enforcement of the laws ... Read More »

How to Copy XP to Another Machine?

Copying the contents of your Windows XP machine to another computer helps to preserve your documents and files, guarding against loss from hardware failure or accidental deletion. Accomplish this b... Read More »

Where can I buy a machine that will copy any DVD onto a VHS tape?

You can get a DVD and VHS recorder combo at Best Buy or Circuit City, (somewhere like that) to record from TV to DVD or VHS and you can Dub DVD to VHS and Dub VHS to DVD. Good Luck!

Who invented the first copy machine?

Chester Floyd Carlson invented Xerography, also known as the first copy machine, in 1938. The first copy machine was introduced to the public 21 years later, in 1959. Carlson won Inventor of the ... Read More »