When was the first commercial computer sold?

Answer The first commercially available computer was the Universal Automatic Computer, or UNIVAC. The first UNIVAC was sold and delivered to the United States Census Bureau on March 31, 1951, to help keep... Read More »

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When was the first HP 9830 home computer sold?

The HP 9830, considered one of the first personal computers, was made and sold in 1972. The HP 9830 had a full keyboard and an LED display. The HP 9830 even had the capacity to expand through the u... Read More »

When was the first commercially available desktop computer sold?

The first desktop computer was commercially available in 1950. It was called the Simon and produced by Berkeley Electronics. It retailed for approximately $300, and more than 400 Simons were sold b... Read More »

When was the first commercial computer developed?

The Univac holds the distinction as the first commercial computer. John Mauchly and J. Presber Eckert developed this large mainframe (it weighed 29,000 pounds) for the Remmington Rand Corporation i... Read More »

Who sold the first FCC-approved commercial television?

After investing in research, RCA rolled out the first FCC-approved commercial TV set. The set went on sale in 1946, and the company sold it for a retail price of $375.References:Lehman Brothers Col... Read More »