When was the first chevy truck built?

Answer The first Chevrolet truck was manufactured and sold in 1918 by the Chevrolet Motor Company. It was the half-ton Model 490 Light Delivery. In 1918, Chevrolet also introduced the one-ton Model T "Ton... Read More »

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Will a 1981 chevy hood fit on a 1979 chevy truck?

The hood from a 1981 will not interchange with a 1979 Chevy truck. The hood and front fenders from a 1973 to 1980 Chevy will interchange. The 1979 door will fit the 1981 if it is from the same type... Read More »

When was the first semi truck built?

August Charles Fruehauf, a Detroit-area blacksmith and carriage builder, created the semi trailer in 1914 for a merchant to haul a boat, according to Four years later, Fruehauf started ... Read More »

Where is the chevy hhr built?

According to, all Chevrolet HHRs are produced by General Motors in Mexico. A plant located in Ramos Arizpe, approximately 12km east of Saltillo, is the production center for the ... Read More »

When was the first chevy built?

Chevrolet built its first model, the Chevrolet Series C Classic Six, in 1911. People who worked on the car included entrepreneur William C. Durant, race car driver Louis Chevrolet and designer Etie... Read More »