When was the first car theft in U.S. history?

Answer According to the "Des Moines Tribune," the first report of car theft in U.S. history took place in 1905. The car was reported stolen from St. Louis, nine years after the first automobile theft ever... Read More »

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When was the first reported car theft?

The U.K. Car Theft Index written by Gloria Laycock of the Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science at University College London reports car theft statistics as far back as 1934. There is not enough c... Read More »

When was the world's first car theft reported?

On June 1, 1896, Baron de Zuylen's mechanic stole his Peugeot in Paris while it was in for repairs. Authorities later recovered the car---and apprehended the thief---in the nearby town of Asnieres.... Read More »

When was the first flood in history?

The first flood in earth's history is unknown. The earliest flood causing massive extinctions was the Ordovician-Silurian extinction, about 439 million years ago, according to author and science wr... Read More »

When was the first Easter egg hunt in history?

The Easter egg hunt's roots can be traced back to pagan fertility traditions of medieval Northern Europe. Eggs were offered to hopeful mothers to improve the chances of childbirth. With the rise ... Read More »