When was the first crayola box created?

Answer The first box of Crayola crayons debuted in 1903. It contained eight colors and sold for five cents. The original eight Crayola colors were red, green, blue, yellow, orange, violet, black and brow... Read More »

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When was the first dollar created?

The dollar was introduced as a result of the Mint Act of 1792, which established a uniform decimal coinage that would be recognized across the United States. It went into production in 1794.Referen... Read More »

When was the first 3D scanner created?

A company called Ortery created the first 3D scanner in 2010. It is called the Photosimile 5000. Users place objects inside the device, and an automated camera takes pictures from a wide array of a... Read More »

When was the first camera created?

The camera obscura, which was the first device to create a picture by displaying it on a flat surface, was invented in the 1500s, with the earliest reference being in 1519.Source:History of Photogr... Read More »

When was the first contraceptive created?

In 1960, the modern birth control pill appeared on the scene. However, condoms, rhythm methods, male withdrawal, coatings over the cervix, douching after intercourse and intrauterine devices have b... Read More »