When was the first camera created?

Answer The camera obscura, which was the first device to create a picture by displaying it on a flat surface, was invented in the 1500s, with the earliest reference being in 1519.Source:History of Photogr... Read More »

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Why was the digital camera created?

Because with the uprising in computer people wanted a easer way to upload and send pictures, thus creating a memory chip that u can put in your computer and upload in seconds. It makes it alot ease... Read More »

Who created the Nikon camera?

The first Nikon camera, the Nikon I, was invented by Nikon in 1948. The Nikon F, the SLR 35mm camera that revolutionized photography, was introduced in 1959, invented by Nikon as well. In 2009 the ... Read More »

What year was the medium format camera created?

The medium format camera has its origins in the late 19th century, though it is difficult to pinpoint exactly who invented it. George Eastman, founder of the Eastman Kodak company, invented a box c... Read More »

What is the storage size of files created by a PHOTO TAKEN BY A CAMERA?

Depends on the camera. In general the newer digital cameras produce huge file sizes. But tere are many free websites like Image Optimizer, Web Resizer, Image Resizer, Shrink Pictures to help you c... Read More »