When was the first bouncy ball made?

Answer The first bouncy ball was marketed by the company Wham-O in 1965. Norman Stingley created the original design for the product, which was later named the Super Ball by Lamar Hunt, the founder of the... Read More »

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How to Keep a Bouncy Ball as a Pet?

It can be depressing not having a pet, but you can turn your bouncy balls into pets and have lots of fun.

How to Make a Bouncy Ball?

This is a pretty easy way to make a bouncy ball that doesn't involve any weird chemicals and that takes only 5-10 minutes. The ball will bounce pretty high when finished and should be stored in a p... Read More »

Who created the bouncy ball?

In 1965, Chemist Norman Stingley invented the bouncy ball, known at the time as the Super Ball. He sold the invention to Wham-O Manufacturing Company, which helped market it into a popular toy.Sour... Read More »

Who was the inventor of the bouncy ball?

Norman Stingley is typically credited with inventing the bouncy ball, as he created the Super Ball for Wham-O toys in 1965. The original Super Ball was constructed from was a type of synthetic rubb... Read More »