When was the first big-screen television invented?

Answer The first giant-screen projection television made its appearance in 1973. By 1995, enhancements to wide screens and flat screens made to the CRT-based TV came on the scene. The first generation lar... Read More »

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Who invented the flat screen television?

A flat screen "pocket television" was invented by Clive Sinclair in 1976 and sold under the name of the TV80. The original prototype for plasma flat screen televisions was developed in 1964 by Dona... Read More »

What is the best television to buy, a L C D screen or a plasma screen . Size will be 37 or 42 inch?

I think the Plasma TVs are terrible and they don't hold up (after 2 years they need service).I have an LCD and it is awesome. I highly recommend the LCD.

What can I use to clean a flat screen television & flat screen computer monitor?

microfiber cloth....get it moist and wipe the screen.

What's wrong with my television screen Can I fix it?

These LCD sets are very difficult to fix without prior experience and circuit knowledge. The only possible repairs you can do would be capacitor replacement in the power supply and inverter boards... Read More »