When was the first baseball made?

Answer Ellis Drake is credited as designing and making the first model of the modern-day baseball. Born in 1839, he designed the ball's exterior pattern in grade school in the 1840s. H.P. Harwood and Sons... Read More »

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When was the first baseball card made?

The first baseball cards were called "Cabinet Cards" and were produced from the 1840s to 1867. They were mementos to be hung on a cabinet or wall. The first commercial baseball cards were printed i... Read More »

In what year were baseball cards first made?

The first baseball cards were made in 1869 by a sporting goods store called Peck and Snyder. Peck and Snyder created these cards as a form of advertisement for the store. The first card produced fe... Read More »

When were baseball helmets first used?

The first crudely invented baseball helmets were invented in 1905 by Frank Mogridge, and looked like an inflated boxing glove. Hall of Famer Roger Bresnahan was the first to experiment with them. I... Read More »

When were baseball rules first initiated?

Near the beginning of the 1800s, baseball came to America when it was a casual sport without standardized rules. Multiple clubs were formed with their own rules but in 1845 a set of rules (Knickerb... Read More »